About The Academic Disgrace

Dear reader,

My name is Prafful. I come from Jabalpur, a city in Madhya Pradesh famous for the Marble rocks at Bhedaghat, where some sequences of Hrithik Roshan starring Mohenjodaro and SRK’s Asoka were shot ( oh great! :P). I moved to Indore, yet another city in the central province for my graduation(obviously, engineering). Owing to my stint during graduation and the kind of food gregarious ‘Indoris‘ had to offer me, the once nascent, B+ graded docile lad made up his mind to become a seasoned lingering writer. I presently live in Bangalore, where I’ll be roaming, eating, drinking and of course; writing about what my taste buds will command me to, along with some personal experiences and opinions. With an ameliorating English vocabulary and writing style, I hope to keep you enticed and seek your help, in order to scale a decent traffic. 😉 🙂 *being honest and loyal*


Small Town Jinn