The Chameleon: Quenching thirst, filtering thoughts

electronic city phase 1 / Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

A tiring day at the office?

Or, a banal overdose of college lectures? Or just another weekend sitback?

We often try to find solutions to our problems in bits and pieces; but might get stuck with something, only a sufficiently rinsed brain can think of. All we need to do is, keep that imposter dressed in a formal attire or that sincere student at bay for some time, and look for a place to “drain” our thoughts out, without enlarging the already burned hole in the pocket. * cons of being a middle-class spendthrift.*

Opposite to Flex, above the Cafe Coffee Day, The Chameleon is there to rescue your grey cells with a “solution” of your choice and preferred concentration.

As you search for a place to spend some time, saying no to embellished caffeine or a pizza, enter the building with a Bira display outside. The next three floors are reserved by The Chameleon, ready to serve you; with a sporty ambience to begin with; where a snooker table rests, rated at economic Bangalorean costs and a blue sprayed balcony with tables for your gang to settle down. As you enter, you can easily locate a masked Bruce Wayne next to a 100 Pipers wall frame, keeping an eye on Joker on the opposite wall, and a typically disguised Clark Kent applauding your topspin near the snooker table. The couches beneath the glowing Budweiser often feel blessed of coming to use, when a young rakish army sits upon and clicks selfies, not taking it personally even when someone spills the “hari-chutney”(after a beer, two vodka shots and the impromptu “Emptiness” group sing along).

From beers to whiskeys to the holy rums, The Chameleon serves all the tastes and tinctures in quite affordable deductions from your wallet. There are a few cocktails that might not align with the sort of finesse you would want to see in a typical Bangalorian drinking place, but capable enough to tickle your cheekbones. In terms of deliverables to eat, the list starts off with Masala papad, the typical Indian crummy with a salty salad topping spread all over, to fries, veg kebab, chicken kebab and the list goes on.

One not-so-peculiar, yet engaging aspect of the place (after a glass of beer and a small metaphysical discussion), are the fluorescent bulbs fitted inside of the used beer bottles, hanging over the head in the pub area and also the balcony, where most cohorts prefer to take places. The place is filled with people from various walks, be it students, working professionals who live nearby, officials who are for a visit in the Electronic City for a day or two. The comely working staff, try their level best to make your time enjoyable and can be seen running in and out with the orders, or cigarette lighters from one table to the other.

The place opens up an hour before the sun and the IST agree on calling it a noon. Watching the sun go down, sitting opposite to a glass building, with a mug filled with a holy liquid, rarely fails to give you a thought or two about the ongoing and happenings in your mind.

The Chameleon for sure is a place to cut some slack off,  if you want to get “over” a pizza or an expensive coffee or something else.

Enjoy. Be responsible, and do not pester the people on other tables until next time. 🙂

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