Calcutta Cabin: Appeasing hunger, snubbing etiquette

eateries, electronic city phase 1 / Sunday, February 11th, 2018

You arrive Bangalore one fine afternoon, with a vision of how your surroundings would look like and how would it be to live around; and enter Electronic City Phase-1 via. the Silkboard Flyover. Quenched and hungry, after paying a hefty transportation charge from the railway station or the airport that made you think that boarding a bus would have been a better option, you are left with an empty stomach and not so much cash.

Where to go? Where to search for a place where people won’t judge you for your not-so-sophisticated table etiquettes?

You won’t get a “right” solution. Instead, take a left and move few steps down the lane. Calcutta Cabin is just the place you would want to be.

Calcutta Cabin, Electronic city Phase-1

Stopping first in front of the restaurant might stern your eyebrows a little, with a slight contempt regarding how good would they serve you food, but Calcutta Cabin is just another book that you should not judge by its cover. It greets IT professionals and students with an economic Bengali/Bangladeshi cuisine.

Take up a seat and make an order from the menu with a black background and written in tint¬†yellow font. The first thing that came to my mind while making the order was that Mr Deep, the owner of the place, knew just the right point for tuning up taste buds for something “Bong”.

One of the “should-have” dishes they serve is the Kosha Chicken with tawa roti( with or without butter is a personal preference). Coming out of a square-window covered with a sparkling pink decoration paper on the outside, courtesy of a laborious and cleanliness obsessed bunch of chefs; this particular dish in my personal opinion would compel you to keep dining etiquettes at bay and go “hmm” with its taste.

For the sake of those, trying a proper Bangla cuisine for the first time or in consciousness, do try the Rosogulla to bring your hungriness to a full stop.

Although the customs of writing about food demands the write-up to come up with three or four dishes along with photographs which focusing on the delectables, conditions that led me to Calcutta Cabin didn’t allow me to. However, Deep quite gracefully explained what basically is Chicken Kosha, back in Calcutta. Containing spices and no water, Chicken Kosha is “spicy” in its entirety, undiluted and unadulterated, which was enough to get my mouth watery, with grey cells tuning up the band and of course, the fact that I haven’t even tasted Bangla cuisine and need to return back soon for something “fishy”.

The vigour will return with a zest unmatched,

it has been a long night, but the force within is ready to blast off from the lamp.

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